Industrial Yeast Strain Improvement

There are interesting opportunities to isolate or generate yeast variants that perform better than the currently used strains. Therefore there is the need of  different strategies of strain selection and improvement available for both conventional and nonconventional yeasts. Exploiting the existing natural diversity and using techniques such as mutagenesis, protoplast fusion, breeding, genome shuffling and directed evolution to generate artificial diversity, or the use of genetic modification strategies to alter traits in a more targeted way, have led to the selection of superior industrial yeasts. Furthermore, recent technological advances allowed the development of high-throughput techniques, such as ‘global transcription machinery engineering’ (gTME), to induce genetic variation, providing a new source of yeast genetic diversity.

  • Exploration of yeast biodiversity for industrially relevant traits
  • Hybrid genomes of industrial yeasts: analysis and engineering
  • Engineering novel (to yeast) product pathways
  • Cell factory product pitches
  • New tools for yeast genome engineering
  • New synthetic pathways in yeast
  • Analysing and engineering regulatory networks in yeast
  • Metabolomics and proteomics of industrial yeasts
  • Evolutionary approaches for yeast strain improvement

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